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digital advertising agency composed of a diversified pool of creative talents and marketing experts serving successfully a spectrum of advertising services

Digital Advertising

The digital advertising solutions that we offer help businesses and brands get unique exposure that help drive traffic to their website, raise brand awareness and acquire customers. We leverage our instagram platform @clips with 16 million followers that has been growing substantially, averaging 20 thousand new followers everyday.

Facebook Advertisement

A successful marketing campaign relies heavily on the pulling-power of detailed targeting. With today's data-driven technology, we are able to target people based on where they live, their annual household income, their interests and so much more. We found tremendous success working alongside businesses with our team of experts at facebook ads, helping them grow their leads or conversion rate by targeting people that are actually interested in your brand.

Influencer Marketing

Since our inception in 2013, we have successfully grown to a platform that has more than 16 million followers worldwide today. The same reflects in our vast network of industry best influencers with whom we share a strategic bond. We know exactly the way to find the best influencers that'll help achieve your business goals.

Our Story

Quite an interesting one

Clips, the exclusive platform, backed by a huge base of more than 16 million followers, was started as a small venture in 2013 by a 21-year-old entrepreneur Ayoub Elesawy who was only 14 years old at the time. Ayoub Elesawy had always been keen to acquire the highest number of followers among his friends. Being consistent in his efforts, he successfully managed to acquire a 10K follower base, which was quite significant. The launch of Instagram at that time made this young soul even more enthusiastic about his thoughts.

Transforming the same idea into his vision, he thought of building an empire, which was based on a belief that if he acquired 10K followers that he could acquire even millions of followers. Being obsessed with his vision and confined at home to work towards his goal for five consecutive years. Ayoub Elesawy achieved his vision, today his huge platform of more than 16 million followers has attracted hundreds of brands, where they would advertise in front of the instantly available audience.

Ayoub Elesawy didn’t pass through his inspiring journey alone. Later in the years, his brother and business partner Ahmad Elesawy, a digital marketing expert, played a prominent role in making Ayoub Elesawy realize his vision and the true potential of his platform by turning it into a business. The visionary minds combined to form a renowned agency we now call Clips Media.

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Our Process

How We Work


Exploring the objective

Our clients are our most important asset. We develop a successful marketing partnership with our clients by getting to know the team behind their company. Exploring their needs and objectives.

Finding the right platform

Whatever your niche is, we have the tools to find the right platform for you. We have worked with businesses of all sizes and niches, we have the experience and the tools to find exactly the platform that will help give you the results that you've been searching for.

Create content strategy

It's crucial to develop creative ideas and well-crafted campaigns. Our experts are known for developing the right content strategy exclusively tailored to the nature and needs of your business.

Launch & support

We not only develop the right solution but we also provide continuous support to measure the results of your campaign. Our experts work side by side with our clients for feedback and taking prompt actions.

Gather data & results

Let’s vow to witness the outcomes. Our expert analytical team will give you an accurate picture of your campaign's overall achievements.
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